military benefits for spouses

Marine Corps spouses

Marine Corps Military Spouse License Transfer Policy

Marines who receive permanent change of station (PCS) orders know they must pack their belongings, move, and start living in a new location. That all by itself can be a challenge, but what about Marine spouses who have to transfer a career to the new location? Military spouses with professional licenses for state-regulated occupations may… Read more »

Army mil spouse license transfer policy

Army Military Spouse License Transfer Reimbursement Policy

A permanent change of station (PCS) move across the country means packing up your life and relocating. But for an Army spouse, that also means packing a career with hopes to land another job someplace else. Army spouses with professional licenses for state-regulated occupations have experienced difficulties in the past when trying to transfer an… Read more »

Military benefits for spouses

Military Benefits Guide: Spouses & Dependents

Military benefits can be confusing. We’ve put together this comprehensive military benefits guide for military spouses’ and dependents’ benefits.