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Military Discounts On Cell Phones and Cell Phone Plans

Military Discounts On Cell Phones and Cell Phone Plans

Cell Phones and Mobile Phone Plans with Military Discounts

We all need a good cell phone. And most companies do offer some type of military discount. They may differ but all can save you a little bit of money. Here is a breakdown of military discounts on cell phones.


Samsung offers savings of up to 30% with their Samsung Military Discount Program. You can find savings on phones, electronics, and more. You will need to sign up with a .mil email address and the discount is available to active duty personnel in all branches of service as well as their families and veterans.


At AT&T, you can find exclusive savings on unlimited wireless. They offer military discounts to active duty, veterans, and spouses of active duty and deceased military. With the discount, you can get Unlimited Data for $27 per month per line when you get 4 lines.


With T-Mobile, they have their Magenta Military plans which are discounts on their 5G network. Their signature plan is $25 per line with 4 lines and autopay. Their Magenta MAX Military plan is $35 per line with 4 lines and autopay. You would need to verify your military status on their website and the discount is for active duty, reserve and national guard, veterans, retirees, and Gold Star families.

Looking for the Sprint military discount? In 2020, Sprint merged into T-Mobile.


Verizon offers its military discounts to members of the military, including reserves and national guard, veterans of all branches, Gold Star families, and Cadets. The discount will need to be in the service member’s name unless they are a Gold Star family. They have different discounts based on how many phones you have. For one phone, you would receive a $10 discount per account, for 2-3 phones, it would be $25 off per account, and for 4 or more lines it would be $20 per account. You can also save 25% on accessories when ordered online through your My Verizon account, and save 10% when you purchase at a Verizon store.

U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular offers a 15% discount on their cell phone plans. They offer this to active duty, and veterans, including the reserves and national guard. You would need to confirm your military status over the phone.

Boost Mobile

At Boost Mobile they offer a Deployed Military Program. This program allows deployed service members to keep their accounts and phone numbers while deployed overseas. There will be no service charges and no reactivation fees. Service members will need to contact Boost Mobile Customer Service to signup.


At Cricket, they have a Military Deployment Services Plan. This is for active duty, reserves, and members of the national guard. They will hold your phone number for up to 36 months. You would call customer service to get this set up. You have 90 days after you come back to reactivate your phone number.


At Motorola, you can get a 10% off military discount. This is available to active duty, veterans, retired military, and reservists. You would need to verify your status with ID.me and then you will receive a code.


At Apple, you can find a Veterans and Military Purchase Program with special pricing. This is available to military members and veterans. Here you can purchase iPhones for a discount.

When looking for a good cell phone plan, make sure they offer good service in your area. Double-check the military discount because they can change, and make sure to follow the instructions so you can apply the discount to your account.






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