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Combat Cookies for Troops

Support the Troops with Combat Cookies

Cookie season is upon us, and it seems like the perfect time to talk about cookies for troops overseas.

Combat Cookies

Combat Cookies is a non-profit organization that bakes and ships cookies to military personnel deployed overseas. As a veteran-owned and operated nonprofit, Combat Cookies seeks to “build awareness and appreciation in honor of those that defend our freedoms through their selfless sacrifice and service within the U.S. military.

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The Cookies

By design, Combat Cookies are baked fresh and shipped directly to deployed service members. Additionally, they have an awesome variety to choose from:

  • Cody Cookie – Named after CPL Cody Putnam who was KIA in Iraq in 2007.
  • MOAB M&M – Named after the Mother of All Bombs, this cookie is loaded with M&Ms ©
  • Suck it up Buttercup – A peanut butter cookie with chucks of peanut butter cups inside
  • Mad Dog Mint Chip – A chocolate and mint chip cookie
  • Never Forgotten Double Chocolate –  A chocolate cookie with chocolate chips
  • Sniperdoodle – A classic cinnamon cookie with a twist
  • K9 Cookie – A treat for our combat K9 companions

In essence, every cookie they make has a story, not just in the name, but why it’s important to their cause.

Getting Involved with Combat Cookies

There are a number of ways to support Combat Cookies with their mission. 

First, you can Donate to Combat Cookies. Since they are a non-profit, their products are not for sale. All donations go into the ingredients and equipment needed to make the cookies sent overseas. They accept donations in any amount, no matter how small or great.

Next, if you’re local to Dayton, Indiana, you can Volunteer your time at the bakery. Even if you have no experience baking, Combat Cookies has ways for you to help their mission. Shifts are normally Monday through Friday for four hours, between the hours of 0900-1500.

Can you make cards or write letters? Combat Cookies includes cards or letters in every box they send to our deployed service members. They gladly accept cards and letters they receive, especially from classroom, scouting, and other club activities.

Finally, if you have a knack for organizing fundraising events, you could support Combat Cookies by organizing an event to raise money for their cause. Or, if you can purchase items the organization needs by selecting something from their Amazon Wish List.

Contact Combat Cookies

Combat Cookies hosts an online contact form where you can:

  • Request cookies for a Deployed Military Member
  • Volunteer at the bakery
  • Request information about ways to donate

Or, you can always email them at CombatCookies2017@gmail.com for more information.

Support Combat Cookies in their mission to brighten the lives of our deployed service members.





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