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Healing for Combat Veterans with Wild Ops

Wild Ops: Healing for Combat Veterans

“The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.” – Douglas MacArthur

America’s wars have permanently scarred the souls who have fought through them and survived. Every warrior who returns home from the crucible of battle is forever changed. For them, the world will never be the same.

The Impact of War on Veterans

A soldier does not choose when and where to fight in the grand scale of war. Politics is often the genesis of armed conflict, which inevitably lands our troops on someone else’s soil. Once the battle has begun, opposing forces work tirelessly to gain and maintain the momentum of battle.

To do so requires great sacrifice on the part of the warfighter. Losing sleep is expected. Losing another soldier in battle is heartbreaking. Losing the war can crush a man’s soul. Add on the toxic exposures of burning human waste and other refuse, and you have a recipe for lifelong struggle, both physically and mentally. This is the reward many soldiers are left with when returning home.

Combat veterans who survive the battlefield soon realize that the war will never leave them. We struggle with thoughts of suicide, substance abuse, isolation, and a whole host of issues that society can never fully understand.

The Wild Ops Program

Wild Ops is a veteran-owned non-profit organization designed to help fellow combat veterans transition back into civilian life after returning home from war. Through faith-based programs, Wild Ops brings support and healing to the wounds that others cannot see.

Wild Ops seeks to help those veterans who are isolated from society by having them participate in outdoor adventures with other veterans. Those veterans in isolation may be surrounded by family and friends, but they are choosing to face the emotional and mental stress of combat on their own.

The mission of every adventure is to bring about healing for the unique scars borne by every warrior. Using the outdoors as a common ground, Wild Ops leads veterans on trips that include hunting and fishing while enjoying the company of others who understand the pain and suffering faced by combat veterans.

Program Information

Each adventure within the Wild Ops program accommodates a maximum of 10 combat-wounded veterans. The programs last anywhere from 5 to 20 days, with some being more extreme than others when it comes to the wilderness setting.

These adventures are open to U.S. combat veterans of all eras and conflicts who have been injured in combat operations.

The Application Process

An applicant must submit an honest and thorough examination of their experiences. This can be challenging for some, as discussing the details of their wartime experiences can unleash some hidden emotions. Once an application is submitted with the required documentation (a DD214/LES + a state or military ID), the folks at Wild Ops will conduct a phone interview.

The phone interview allows the organization to gain a better understanding of your condition and experiences. Each applicant will be carefully considered based on the merit of the application, not on the order the applications were received.

The Wild Ops Application is the first step to take.

Program Costs

There is no cost to participants in any of the Wild Ops adventures. The funding necessary comes from generous donations of those who support the Wild Ops mission. All expenses, to include travel, meals, licenses, permits and equipment, are covered for every combat wounded participant.

There is, however, a fully refundable “hold my spot” deposit of $150. Every applicant, whether they’re selected or not, gets this deposit back. The purpose behind the deposit is simply to hold the spot of anyone who is selected to participate.

You can also choose to donate the deposit, in which case your deposit will be used to fund the organization’s mission.

More Information About Wild Ops

To contact Wild Ops for more information, use the Contact Wild Ops webform, or call (877) 851-8650.

You can also find Wild Ops on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

If you’re interested, you can Donate to Wild Ops to support the healing of our nation’s combat-wounded veterans. 





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