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Casper Mattress Military Discount

Casper Military Discount

Casper Mattress Discount for Military and Veterans

At Casper Mattress you can purchase mattresses, pillows, bed frames, bedding, and a glow light. They offer a 20% military discount.

What Is the Casper MattressMilitary Discount?

They offer a 20% military discount on any order with a mattress.

Who’s Eligible?

This discount is for active duty, retirees, veterans, military spouses, and military family members.

How Do You Get the Discount?

You would need to verify with ID.me.

Can This Discount Be Used Online?


About Casper Mattress

Casper was started in 2014 by Philip Krim, Neil Parikh, Luke Sherwin, Jeff Chapin, and Gabriel Flateman. Later in 2014, they expanded to Canada. In 2018, they partnered with American Airlines to design pillows, blankets, and other products for the passengers. They have showrooms in NYC, Chicago, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Massachuttes, Washington state, Oregon, Connecticut, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and California. Their headquarters are in NYC, NY.

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