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Delta Airlines Military Discount

Delta Airlines Military Discount

What Is the Delta Airlines Military Discount? 

Delta Airlines offers a special military rate. You will need to call them directly at 800-325-1771 to receive the rate.

They also offer

  • Active duty military more free bags than civilians
  • Early boarding
  • Special discounted travel for those with a war-injured immediate family member or domestic partner.

Delta Military Baggage Policy

Delta offers active duty military 5 free bags while traveling on orders. For personal travel, if flying in Basic Economy, Main Cabin, and Delta Comfort, you would get 2 free bags. You get 3 free bags if you are flying First Class, Delta Premium Select, or Delta One. You can read more about it on their baggage information page.

Active Duty military flying

    • On orders – 5 free bags (up to 100 pounds)
    • Personal Travel – 2 free bags (up to 50 pounds)
    • Flying 1st Class, Premium Select, or Delta One – 3 free bags (up to 50 pounds, except 1st Class and Delta One, up to 70 pounds)

Who’s eligible for the Delta Airlines military discount?

Active duty military and those with war-injured immediate family.

How do you get the Delta military discount?

To receive the free special active duty military rate, you must call them directly at 800-325-1771.  For the special medical travel, you must call 800-221-1212.

Can the discount be used online?

No, you will need to call to receive the discount.

About Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is a major United States airline with headquarters in Atlanta. They were founded in 1924 as “Huff Daland Dusters” in Macon, Georgia. Delta is now the oldest airline still in operation. Delta operates over 5,400 flights a day, with 304 destinations, in 52 countries on 6 different continents. They do offer a special military rate.


Learn more about the Delta Airlines military discount here.

For more info on the:

  • Military baggage allowance, please go here
  • Special military medical travel, please go here.
  • Military pet travel policy, please go here.





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