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Frigidaire Military Discount

Frigidaire Military Discount

Frigidaire is an American consumer and commercial home appliance company. They offer a 25% military discount.

What is the Frigidaire military discount?

The Frigidaire military discount is for 25% off of parts, accessories, and filters. It does not apply to the appliance itself. Only valid at Frigidaire.com. You can also receive an extra 25% off on the first order of water filter subscriptions.

Who’s Eligible for the military discount from Frigidaire?

  • Active duty
  • Veterans
  • Retirees
  • National Guard
  • Reserves
  • Military spouses and dependents

How Do You Get the Discount?

You would verify your military status with Sheer ID and then receive a special code.

Can This Discount Be Used Online?


About Frigidaire

Frigidaire was founded as the Guardian Frigerator Company in Fort Wayne, IN in 1916. The company started by developing the first self-contained refrigerator, which was invented by Nathaniel B. Wales, and Alfred Mellowes. In 1919 the company became Frigidaire and was owned by General Motors from then until 1979. The company was then sold to White Consolidated Industries until it was purchased by Electrolux, who owns them today. Frigidaire was also the first to offer a room air conditioner and a home food freezer. Today they offer many different products such as washers and dryers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, and more. Their headquarters are in Charlotte, NC.

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