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10 Careers With Educational Programs In Under One Year

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As you think about what you would want to do after your time in the military is over, you might want to figure out an educational plan that you can complete in a shorter amount of time. There are quite a few careers you can go into with educational programs under a year.

10 Careers with Educational Programs In Under One Year

Here are ten of them to consider.

Medical Billing and Coding

A course for medical billing can be done in just a couple of months. Some courses are self-paced, allowing you to get the certificate in your own time. As a medical biller, you will work with patients and insurance companies and take on some customer service tasks.

A course for medical coding can take a few months up to a year, depending on the program. As a coder, you would work with healthcare professionals to accurately categorize patient services and products.

Dental Assistant

You can usually go through the dental assistant program in less than a year. There will be time in the classroom as well as hands-on training. You will learn the skills to work in a dentist’s office, assisting patients, taking x-rays, and other tasks. After training is complete, you can find a job in a dental clinic.


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Certified Nurse Assistant

A Certified Nurse Assistant, or CNA program lasts between 4-12 weeks. The program will include classroom time as well as clinical work. You would learn how to provide basic care to patients and to assist in daily activities. You can find a job in a hospital, a nursing or long-term facility or even in home health care. A CNA can be the perfect stepping stone to a career in nursing down the line.

Web Designer

You can get your web design certificate in a few weeks, sometimes even in a shorter amount of time. There are many online programs you can do right from home as well. As a web designer, you can work for yourself with your own business or work for a bigger company working on and designing websites.

Security Guard

A security guard is often a popular choice for an after military career for a veteran. To become one can vary based on your state. There is usually a short training as well an on-the-job training hours. Some trainings can also be found online. As a security guard, you can find a job working for a company, bank, a museum, etc, or even become a bouncer.

Phlebotomy Tech

A phlebotomy tech is a person who draws blood from patients and prepares and send the blood to the lab. You can get this type of certificate in just a few weeks. A lot of the training is hands-on and becoming a phlebotomy tech can be a stepping stone for other careers. You can start working in a hospital or a lab.

Pharmacy Tech

The certificate program for becoming a pharmacy tech is usually about a year or less. You will be learning from a lot of on-the-job training as well. You will be learning how to supply medicine to patients, assemble medicines, and provide information to patients and those in the healthcare field. You can work in a hospital, pharmacy or a store with a pharmacy.


Depending on the school, you should be able to get a welding certificate in about six months or so. There are lots of different industries you can use the certificate in to find a job including iron working, or sheet metal working. If you enjoy working with your hands, this could be a good career for you.


Auto Mechanic

Although there are some programs that are two or more years, you should be able to get an auto mechanic certificate within a few months. You can take many specialty classes focusing on certain subjects such as engine repair or transmission repair. You can get a job servicing vehicles, working to do oil changes, diagnosing problems and more.

Truck Driver

On average, to get your Class A CDL license you will need to take a program that lasts about 7-8 weeks. Some of them are shorter than that. With your Class A CDL license you will be able to drive trucks commercially. This would allow you to work as an over-the-road truck driver or drive trucks locally where you are home every night.

For most certificate programs, you must have at least a high school degree or GED before starting the program. Some locations will have different programs available than others. Do your research before committing to a program that will help further your military career.


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