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Cloud Services Careers For the Military Community

Cloud Services Careers Military

Should You Consider a Career in Cloud Services?

Cloud Services also commonly referred to as cloud computing are services consisting of storage, networking, analytics, intelligence, software, and application design. With 90% of companies operating in the cloud it is no wonder that in 2021 the cloud services market is set to reach $300 billion. On LinkedIn alone, there are 872 cloud-based businesses looking for skilled professionals. Maybe it is time to consider learning some new skills to advance your current career or jumpstart a new one.

In the United States, there are 152,262 open positions available for cloud service professionals with the majority of jobs ranging from $93,500 to $142,000 annually. Advancing your career in cloud services opens up many employment opportunities as the need for cloud services can reach into every industry. Whether you are looking for traditional work in an office setting or a remote career, cloud services could be your next career option by utilizing free training resources available to the military community.

Free Training with Certifications Available to the Military Community

Trailhead Military

Trailhead Military is provided through Salesforce Military, which offers free training and certifications. Salesforce is a Cloud computing company that provides software platforms and solutions for companies to create custom software applications focused on customer relationship management. Salesforce Military offers online training courses, certification, one-on-one career advice, support groups, continued skill-building, and employment connections within the Salesforce ecosystem. The courses provided for cloud services range from a beginner level (requiring no previous experience) to an advanced level (possesses intermediate skills or education).

Cloud Trainings Offered                                Average annual salary

Salesforce Administrator                              $95,000

Salesforce Developer                                     $125,000

Business Analyst                                              $104,000

Sales Careers                                                     $90,275

Marketing Careers                                           $85,627

Salesforce Architect                                       $150,000

Salesforce Consultant                                    $95,000

Service Careers                                                 $74,000

Who Can Apply?

  • Active Duty
  • National Guard
  • Reserves
  • Veterans
  • Military Spouses

To learn more about the Trailhead Military program and how to sign up click here. Anyone applying for the program will be verified through Troop ID and may be required to provide documentation showing military affiliation.

Onward to Opportunity

The Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) at Syracuse University launched the Onward to Opportunity Program (O2O) in 2015 that offers free training courses, professional certification, career coaching, support groups, and employment services. With courses being offered online or in-person the O2O program is a great opportunity to enter the cloud services world. The course provided for cloud services range from beginner to intermediate.

Cloud Trainings Offered                                Average annual salary

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials           $113,932

CompTIA Cloud+                                              $73,000

Who Can Apply?

  • Active Duty – transitioning from the military within the next 6 months with an honorable discharge status
  • National Guard – active member on part-time status
  • Reserves – active member on part-time status
  • Veterans – retired or separated with an honorable discharge status
  • Military Spouses – spouse of any active-duty service member, active Nation Guard/Reserves, or Veteran

If you would learn more information about the Onward to Opportunity program or register click here. After filling out the interest form online all applicants will be screened and may be required to submit documentation that shows military affiliation.

With self-paced virtual courses, you are able to take advantage of these free training programs no matter where you are in your military journey and start a rewarding career in the cloud services industry. With companies eager to find skilled professionals and access to career coaching as well as employment connections with companies dedicated to hiring military-affiliated individuals, the sky is no longer the limit. With both programs offering career assistance throughout the process it will make starting a new career or advancing your current career in cloud services easier and more rewarding.




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