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What You Need To Know When You Go To A Job Fair

Go to Job Fair

If you are looking for a job, going to a job fair is a smart idea. You can interact with employers, give out your resume, and learn more about the workplace and how to find a new job. Before you head to a job fair, you will need to prepare for the job fair. Here is what you need to know about going to one.  

Research Future Employers

One of the big things you want to do before you go to a job fair is research who is going to be there. You will want to see who you might want to work with, and learn what you can about them. You probably won’t be interested in every single employer and researching can help you decide who to pursue or not. Knowing who you are going to see ahead of time will also allow you to personalize your resume for those companies, and know what you will be walking into.


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Have A Pitch Ready

You will want to have your pitch ready. Figure out what you will say to quickly tell the employers a little bit about you. This will get the conversation going and can tell the employers what you can do for them, what your skills are, and what experience you have had in the past. Practice your pitch before you go, and you will feel a lot more comfortable giving it when you get there.

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Dress The Part

You will want to dress as if you are going to an interview. Make sure your clothing is appropriate, you are clean, and you look professional. There could be on-the-spot interviews at the job fair, and you want to look like you are ready to find a new job. Bringing an extra set of clothing to keep in your car can also be a good idea. That way, if there is a spill or something happens, you can still look professional when you talk to employers.

Bring The Right Supplies

You want to make sure you bring the right supplies with you to the job fair. You of course need multiple copies of your resume, business cards to hand out, as well as pens and paper so you can be prepared to take notes or write down important information. As far as how many resumes to bring, plan to bring double the amount of employers you might want to talk to. Having extra resumes would be better than running out of them.

Plan To Get There Early

Make plans to get to the job fair early. You should figure out where the building is located, where to park and about how long it will take you to get there before the day of the event. If you get there early, you will not be stressed and will have time to prepare a little before you go in.

Attend The Workshops

At the job fair, there will probably be workshops to attend about different accepts of finding a job. If you attend a veterans job fair, they will probably have workshops about how to transition from military life to civilian life. You can learn a lot from these workshops and should make plans to attend the ones that would be valuable to you during your job search.

Plan To Network

You should plan to network while you are at the job fair, and not just with the employers. Talk to the people around you and don’t be afraid to start a conversation. Networking is such a huge part of job searching and can be the key to finding the right job. Remember though to stay positive. A job fair isn’t the place to vent about a particular employer.

Don’t Be Shy

You want to walk into a job fair with an outgoing mindset. In addition to your pitch, you are going to need to carry on a conversation with employers. Shake people’s hands, and look them in the eye when you talk with them. This will show that you are serious about making connections and finding a job. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and show an genuine interest in each employer you are talking with.

Plan To Follow Up

Make sure you make plans to follow up. Within 24-48 hours you can send a thank-you card to everyone you connected with. You need to follow any instructions about applying for jobs that interest you within a timely manner. Keep good records so you remember who you interacted with, and who you might consider working for. Reflect on what you learned at the job fair, and make any updates to your resume or cover letters than you think you need to make.

Going to a job fair can feel a bit overwhelming but preparing for what to expect, having the right supplies, and going into the fair with a good mindset can help you. While simply going to a job fair doesn’t mean you will find a job right away, you can gain a lot from your experience at one. Check out your local community and military installation to see what they have to offer. Many installations have job fairs targeted to service members who will be ETSing soon as well as veterans and spouses. 


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