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VETtoCEO: Free Business Training for Veterans

Vet To CEO

VETtoCEO Offers Business Training to Military Veterans

The non-profit organization, VETtoCEO, offers an annual business training program for qualified veterans and active military, including National Guard and Reserve members. The program is called Entrepreneurship for Transitioning Warriors and it is a free virtual program that in the past ran for six weeks.

The VETtoCEO Program

The core program is the Entrepreneurship Training Program. Training is delivered by small business owners who are themselves veterans. This program explores all the different ways that lead to small business ownership, and it is a great course for veterans who are considering whether or not to start a small business.

The Entrepreneurship Training Program core runs for six weeks, one night per week. It covers five essential modules:

  1. Marketing – learn how to conduct market research and develop pricing strategies.
  2. Mission – Determine the 5 W’s of the business and create an elevator pitch.
  3. Execution – Learn about organizational structure issues and legal forms of business.
  4. Logistics: Financial Projections – Learn about financial statements, cash flow, and preparing financial projections.
  5. Command & Signal – Learn why advisors and networking techniques are important.

Participants who complete the course will be able to decide on their business strategy: startup, franchise, or to buy an existing business. A course completion certificate, Edge Up for Funding, will also be awarded. 

The VETtoCEO business training is also a great way to connect with other veteran entrepreneurs, thereby expanding the business network that is essential to succeed.

VETtoCEO Funding Academy

The second course offered by VETtoCEO is the Funding Academy, a three-part program that teaches strategies to help veterans determine the best way to fund their enterprise. This course is not free, as it requires a one-time $500 donation to VETtoCEO in order to participate. Because they’re a non-profit organization, VETtoCEO can’t sell the course to you. However, they can limit access to only donors.

The three parts of the Funding Academy are:

  1. Sources of Capital & Funds – learn how to determine funding requirements, and about debt versus equity sources.
  2. Understanding Financial Terms & Concepts – learn more about debt versus equity and common mistakes in financing.
  3. Developing a Funding Strategy – learn how to develop a funding strategy and how to prioritize funding sources.

Upon completion of the Funding Academy, veterans will have a better understanding of funding and how it impacts their business. Additionally, entrepreneurs will receive introductions to VETtoCEO’s preferred funding partners.

Get Free Business Training

VETtoCEO’s Entrepreneurship for Transitioning Veterans is a great opportunity for service members and veterans to learn about starting and running a small business. Veterans have a natural determination to succeed and many have developed excellent leadership skills while in the service.

To take advantage of VETtoCEO’s free business training, go to their Register page and enter your email address. They will contact you and provide more details about the upcoming courses.

Contacting VETtoCEO

If you need more information, or just have general questions, contact VETtoCEO via email at help@vettoceo.org. Or, call 888.677.2765 to talk to someone about their programs.

For more info on VETtoCEO, please visit their website.

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