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Top Virtual Jobs for Education Professionals OCONUS

Virtual Jobs education professionals overseas

Top Virtual Jobs for Education Professionals OCONUS

Degrees in education are among the most portable careers for military spouses. A shortage of qualified professionals contributes to a high demand for educators in the US.

Challenges related to license transfer from state to state can delay portability within the US. The employment landscape – employer requirements, local salary rates, and local level of education professional shortages – can vary significantly from region to region.

Barriers to Employment OCONUS

The list of barriers faced by spouses with education degrees becomes daunting in the OCONUS setting. Requirements to secure or renew a professional license are often vague or nonexistent for spouses moving out of the country.

Similar to spouses with healthcare degrees, education professionals face barriers related to working in a foreign economy – like SOFA agreements and language barriers. Read a more detailed outline of barriers here.


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USAJobs and DoDEA Employment Application System Abyss

Staff and educational support positions – like substitute teachers, tutors, or teacher aid positions – are listed on USAJobs. This official employment site of the Federal Government has a reputation for being a major hurdle for finding employment.

DoDEA teaching vacancies are not listed on USAJobs. Strangely, they are not truly listed on the DoDEA Employment Application System either. However, this system is where applications for DoDEA teaching jobs are submitted. Both USAJobs and DoDEA Employment Application Systems contain complex processes that create employment barriers for spouses.

Fortunately, online discussion boards, like the DODD Teachers Chatboard, can assist in better understanding the barriers involved in securing employment as a DoDEA teacher.

Barriers to Completing an Education Degree

Many spouses choose to continue their education through online programs. Paying for a college education while facing unemployment is not ideal.

Most teacher education programs require some amount of student teaching or internship.

Completing these requirements may involve additional steps when compared to completing the same requirements within the US. Your institution must enter an agreement with DoDDS; only minimal student teaching information can be found on the DoDEA website.

Top Jobs for Educational Professionals OCONUS

For spouses with education degrees living OCONUS, maintaining a career can be nerve-racking – especially for families that rely on two incomes. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to utilize your training and supplement your income.


Multiple organizations hire tutors to provide virtual one on one support for students preparing to take tests like the ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, and advanced placement tests. Organizations with 100% remote and flexible positions include Arbor Bridge.

Countless organizations hire tutors or instructors for students learning English. Online tutoring options are available through organizations like Rosetta Stone, VIPKid, and Learnship.

Content Expert

Organizations like Freedom Learning Group are dedicated to providing career opportunities for underemployed military spouses. They do this by harnessing the expertise of spouses across the globe to develop educational content like developing test questions and writing content for textbooks. Jobs through Freedom Learning Group are 100% remote and can be filled by anyone living anywhere in the world.


Cambridge Proofreading is an organization that hires subject experts across the globe who hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Editors and proofreaders work remotely to improve various documents – like theses, manuscripts, essays, etc.

Education Writer

Writing – typically on a freelance basis – provides an opportunity to work remotely from anywhere. Similar to content or subject matter experts, education writers create original content for various platforms. In addition to writing content for websites, magazines, or training materials, teachers can sell education content through platforms like Teachers Pay Teachers or Outschool.

Think Temporary

Spouses experiencing an OCONUS employment landscape need to be kind to themselves. Continuing any career in this setting may feel like a giant ripple or a screeching halt. Chances are, this experience is temporary. Perhaps OCONUS living provides an opportunity to explore something new or think outside the box. The US Education system will need you when you return!

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