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DIY Home Improvements to Increase Home Value

DIY Home Improvements

Three DIY Home Improvements for Home Resale

PCS season is just around the corner. Many military families are once again facing decisions about renting or buying a new home. Selling a home requires understanding that a house is a product.

DIY home improvements are excellent ways to pass the time since we are all staying home more often these days. They also increase the value and appeal of a home.

Work with a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are experts in selling homes. They know their local housing markets well and can be a major asset in finding a home in a great location that “checks all the boxes.” The ability to resell a home is often among the top priorities for military families when buying.

Finding an agent that understands the military experience is a necessity. There are several ways to find a good one. Referrals from people you trust or from a great agent you already work with are excellent places to start.

Real estate agents want to sell houses. After moving into a new home, continue working with an agent. They can help prioritize home improvement projects and choose improvements that will efficiently maximize the value and appeal of a home for future buyers.

DIY Home Improvements to Increase Likelihood of Resale

There are plenty of ways to increase the value and appeal of a home. A good agent can guide you. Here are three easy to tackle projects that will increase the likelihood of reselling a home.

Curb Appeal

First impressions are important. What does your house look like from the street? Are there weeds in the flowerbeds? Bird droppings on the mailbox? Does the paint need to be touched up?

Would a stranger be excited to live here? Try these cost-effective projects to boost curb appeal.

  • Rent a pressure washer – quickly clean scum from siding, decking, and windows
  • Remove weeds – from the flowerbeds, sidewalks, and driveway
  • Landscape – mulch, prune, and plant trees or shrubs
  • Create outdoor living lure – replace faded outdoor pillows or add patio furniture
  • Add color – either with flowers or by flying a crisp new American flag
  • Upgrade the front door – house numbers, doorbell button, and the welcome mat

Think about replacing your front door handle. A small dirty knob with key scratches will never compete with a large sturdy handle that makes a buyer feel like they are the king of a castle.

Lowe’s and Home Depot offer military discounts that can make DIY curb appeal projects more affordable.

Clean and Organize

Good curb appeal can easily be squashed by a cluttered and disorganized interior. Deep clean every nook and cranny. Load extra things into storage totes and neatly stack them out of sight.

The sense of smell is closely linked to memory. Eliminate odors as you deep clean these commonly neglected areas.

  • Window tracks
  • Behind the toilets
  • Ceiling fan blades and light fixtures
  • High-touch surfaces – light switches, door handles, and outlet covers
  • Surfaces under and around appliances and large furniture

Consider adding a closet in an office. The difference between an office and a bedroom – a closet. Additional bedrooms lead to higher listing prices.

Costco offers a military discount for a membership card and Sam’s Club has a similar offer.. Find everything you need to clean and organize.

Fresh Paint

Painting seems simple – and it is – but requires patience and preparation. Try these tricks for high quality DIY interior painting.

  • Test colors – either paint a sample directly on the wall or tape color swatches and study them for a day or two
  • Protect surfaces you don’t want painted – thick canvas drop cloths are useful investments and can be reused for years
  • Skip the tape – invest in a quality slant-tip brush and try cutting in instead
  • Choose high quality supplies – quite simply, poor quality brushes will produce poor quality paint jobs

In addition to military discounts offered at Lowe’s and Home Depot, find paint supplies at Sherwin Williams at a 15% military discount.





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