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Spring Cleaning and PCS Prep: Companies That Can Help 

PCS Spring Cleaning

PCSing soon? These Companies Can Help

PCS season traditionally runs from May 15 to September 30. During this time, military families stateside and overseas who have been given PCS orders must prepare for their next move. There is much to do and think about when preparing for a PCS. Here is a list of companies that can help with cleaning, donating, and other general PCS prep.

Cleaning Companies

Hiring a cleaning company before a PCS is a smart idea. While you can spend the time doing the cleaning yourself, hiring a company can take some of the pressure off. If you are not moving anytime soon, hiring a cleaning company can give you a great start towards spring cleaning. Here are some companies worth checking out:

  • Tidy.com – where they combine the best cleaners in your area, with well-crafted technology.
  • Maid Pro – who will work with you on a cleaning plan that is tailored to your needs and budget.
  • Maids.com – who specializes in cleaning for health. They also offer a military discount of $45 on your first cleaning.
  • Maid Brigade – who has a partnership with Operation Homefront to support military families in crisis by offering free cleaning services. 

Always Ready Cleaning, Flash Clean, and Merry Maids of Northern Kentucky are regional companies that offer a military discount. 


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Veteran and Military-Spouse Owned Businesses

Household Six Home Services offers a variety of services located in the Ft. Bragg, Ft. Bliss, JBLM, Macdill/Tampa, Ft. Carson, Luke AFB/Phoenix areas. 

Veterans Elite Services offer a variety of services including junk removal and specialized cleaning. 

LineCrew, run by military families, connects service members and dependents to different businesses, from those who can help with home decor or lawn service. 

 Where To Donate Or Get Rid Of Junk

Military families are always aware of their weight allowance, and never want to go over it. Going through your belongings before a move and getting rid of what you don’t need and use anymore is a good idea. Here are a few companies that can help with donating or getting rid of junk: 

  • Installation thrift stores
  • Civilian thrift stores
  • Food Banks (for food)
  • Libraries (for books)
  • Hope for Heroes (equipment, clothing, tools, and food)
  • Dress for Success (work-appropriate clothing) 
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStores (household goods and vehicles)
  • GreenDrop (gently used clothing and household goods)
  • Local non-profits 
  • 1-800-GOT-JUNK is a full-service junk removal company that takes almost anything. 
  • Local neighborhood pages where you can find people willing to buy or even just take your items as well as those who can haul away anything you might need. 

PCS Prep Help

Lost about your PCS? Unsure what to do? There are some companies out there to help. From helping you organize your belongings to helping you find a place to live at your new duty station. 

  • Military One Source has many resources to help you prep for your PCS, from checklists to tips for a smoother move. 
  • MILLIE can help you find the right place to live with their MILLIE Scouts. They can be your boots on the ground when you can’t be there yourself.

Whether you are deep into your spring cleaning or preparing for a PCS, take a look at these companies to help you on your way. 






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