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Target Veterans Day Military Discount 2022 [updated]

Save big with the Target military discount for Veterans Day

Target Is Offering a 10% Military Discount for Veterans Day

Attention military community: Target has renewed its offer of a 10% Veterans Day discount to military personnel, veterans, and their families from October 30 through November 12, 2022.

From October 30th until November 12th, you are eligible for an extra 10% off of a purchase at Target, either in-store or online off two separate purchases. To claim this discount, you must join Target Circle and verify your military affiliation. Once your eligibility has been verified, a 10% Target Circle offer will be made available for your use.  This year, however, you will be able to use the discount twice!  Last year, you were only able to use it once.

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What is Target Circle?

Target Circle comes with a Target.com account, so after you’ve taken advantage of this great offer, you will have many other benefits at your fingertips. The loyalty program is also accessible via the Target app on Apple and Android devices. Outside of this Veteran’s Day offer, membership in this loyalty program comes with extra bonus offers not available to regular shoppers.

Another unique aspect of Target Circle is its community giving, wherein each member of Target Circle can vote to direct Target’s charitable giving to local military organizations and other charities. That’s pretty impressive.

Offer Restrictions for Target Veterans Day Discount

The discount is considered a coupon offer, so there are more than a few restrictions covering items available for purchase and coupon use.

The 10% discount can not be combined with any other coupon and it is limited to 2 per customer. The discount also excludes the following items:

Wow. And that’s not even all the restrictions.

I know what you’re thinking, “But a lot of the items on the restricted list are ones I wanted to buy.” You’re right. I had the same thought until I realized that many of those items that are restricted are part of Target’s Black Friday Deals and the 10% discount cannot be combined with other deals.

Target’s Black Friday Deals

For the entire month of November, Target is offering weekly deals at heavily discounted prices as they ramp up for this year’s holiday shopping market. All the TVs and electronics you were hoping to buy with the Veteran’s Day discount are already being sold for great prices!

The cool thing is, if an item you purchase between October 24th and December 24th goes lower at Target before December 25th, then they will match the price and refund you the difference between the two! That’s awesome!

Head over to Target’s Black Friday Deals and don’t forget to sign up for their weekly reminders and alerts of their sale products.

Holiday Shopping

In closing, this military discount from Target is just one of the many we will bring to your attention as we get closer to Christmas and the Holiday Season. You have earned more than a discount for your service to this country, that is certain. We want to ensure that you can take advantage of every offer and benefit that you deserve.

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