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TRICARE Pharmacy Network: Walmart & Sam’s Club Out

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Walmart and Sam’s Club Are No Longer Part of the TRICARE Pharmacy Network

Where can you go instead?

As of December 15th, 2021, Walmart and Sam’s Club will no longer take TRICARE. This will be a big change and you may be wondering what to do if you normally get your prescriptions from these places. Try not to worry too much, there are still many options for getting your prescriptions.

Keep that December 15th deadline in mind and make sure to transfer your prescriptions over before then. If you keep them at Walmart or Sam’s Club past the date of the change, they will be considered a “non-network” pharmacy. You can still get the prescriptions, however, you would need to pay full price and then submit a claim for reimbursement. These reimbursements are also subject to deductibles or out-of-network cost shares and copays.

Your Best Bet is to go to a Military Pharmacy

When it comes to fulfilling your prescriptions, your best bet is to go to a military pharmacy. You can do so for free. Most are connected to military hospitals or clinics but some are free-standing.  Here is where you can find a military pharmacy near you.

TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery

You can also use TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery, which will ship to any address in the US or US territories to include APO/FPO addresses. Overseas, you must use your APO/FPO address or embassy address if you are assigned to one and don’t have an APO/FPO address. You can’t use your APO/FPO address for refrigerated drugs, and it is not available in Germany.

In the US or US territories, all beneficiaries besides active duty service members will need to get certain maintenance drugs through either TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery or at a military pharmacy.

Where Else Can You Go?

You can also use retail network pharmacies. There are more than 56,000 locations in the US and US territories. They are not available in American Samoa. You also can’t find network pharmacies in other overseas locations. In the Philippines, you must get your prescriptions at a certified pharmacy.

With the network pharmacies, you would have your provider send your prescription electronically or hand-carry a written prescription to the pharmacy.

Some big pharmacies that are network pharmacies are:

  • Kroger
  • Publix
  • Walgreens
  • Rite Aid
  • CVS (coming soon)

After leaving the TRICARE network for 5 years, CVS will be coming back.

In addition, local pharmacies can also be in-network. You can search for those in your local area to see exactly where to go on the TRICARE website.





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