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The Dallas Zoo Military Discount

The Dallas Zoo Military Discount

Military Discount at the Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo is a 106-acre zoo located three miles south of downtown Dallas, TX in Marsalis Park.

What is the Dallas Zoo military discount?

For their military discount, they offer $2.00 off of general admission for up to two adults and two children. The discount is not valid with their January and February $8 admission pricing.

Who’s eligible?

This military discount is for members of the military and their families. 

How do you get the discount?

You would need to show your military ID.

Can the Dallas Zoo military discount be used online?


For more info or to take advantage of the discount, please go here.

About the Dallas Zoo

The zoo is home to 2,000 plus animals and 400+ species. The zoo was established in 1888 with two deer and two mountain lions. In the 1890s, more animals were added and the zoo was relocated from City Park to Fair Park in 1910. In 1912, it moved to Marsalis Park. By the 1960s, the zoo was popular and profitable. In 1997 they added their 19,000-square-foot chimpanzee forest. In 2009, the zoo was turned over to the Dallas Zoological Society. They offer a $2.00 military discount.





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