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Military Discount On Cannabis?

military discount on cannabis

Military Discount On Cannabis

Laws seem to be changing regularly about the legality of cannabis and because of this, we are seeing more and more places where cannabis is being sold. One place is Flower Co, a California wholesale cannabis delivery company. While you do need to live in a state where it is legal to purchase, they are offering a complimentary membership to all US military veterans through their website, FlowerVets.com.

Their regular price of $119 per year for their membership provides access to the company’s catalog of cannabis products at a discount. Their prices are already priced lower than a traditional dispensary.

Their company was founded on the idea that high-quality cannabis should be accessible to those who need it. That is why they offer their unique subscription-based model that will give members access to more convenient pricing.

They have also partnered with the Veterans Cannabis Group on this initiative, seeking to support the organization’s mission to advocate to help treat the symptoms of PTSD within the military veteran community.

Both cannabis and CBD have been shown to help veterans with pain, anxiety, and PTSD according to certain studies, and more will be done, including this study by the VA. It could be a safe alternative to the pills that are currently being prescribed to veterans to treat their ailments. Many of the current medications can have strong side effects and high addictive potential.

This is something we could be seeing more of in the future, and if cannabis and CBD can help veterans with PTSD and other issues that they are dealing with, discounts like this will be a good thing.

If you are interested in this discount, please make sure that cannabis and CBD are legal for purchase in your state. You would also need to be 21 for recreational use and 18 for medical.



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