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U-Pack Military Discount

U-Pack Military Discount

Military Discount on U-Pack

U-Pack is a service of ArcBest, a freight and logistics solutions provider with headquarters in Fort Smith, AR.  They offer moving services to include delivery, shipping, and storage options.  U-pack has a military discount, as well as a separate veteran discount.

What is the discount for the military?

U-Pack offers $100 off military moves and $50 off for veterans. According to the official site, “Active-duty military can use the code DITY10 for $100 off their move. Veterans can use the code MIL50 for a $50 discount.” U-Pack customers could save an extra $25 by reserving online.

Who’s eligible for the discount?

All service members and veterans.

How do you get the discount?

You use a coupon code:

  • DITY10 – for Active Duty military to receive $100 off
  • MIL50 – for Veterans to receive $50 off

Can the U-Pack military discount be used online?


Please see the official U-Pack site for more information or to take advantage of the discount.

About U-Pack

ArcBest was founded in 1923 as a local freight hauler and operated in and around Fort Smith, AR, as OK Transfer. In 1935, OK Transfer acquired Arkansas Motor Freight AMF and assumed its name. They became Arkansas Best Freight System, Inc. in 1956, and were subsequently renamed ABF.

In 2014, the company was renamed ArcBest Corporation. U-Pack has more than 240 service centers throughout the US. They offer $100 off as a military discount and $50 off to veterans.





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