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Nation’s Finest: Veteran Support Program

Nation’s Finest is a non-profit organization whose mission it is to support veterans and their families by providing a number of targeted services. Nation’s Finest operates 31 facilities in California, Arizona, and Nevada.

The Nation’s Finest Program

Each year, Nation’s Finest offers veteran support with services tailored to their needs. Some of these programs are:

  • Transitional Housing
  • Case Management
  • Mental Health
  • Employment Services
  • Permanent Housing
  • Mobile Service Units
  • Behavioral Health

These services are designed to meet the needs of as many veterans as possible. Caring and respectful counselors are professionals who are trained to handle every imaginable challenge.

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Transitional Housing

These housing facilities are for homeless veterans who struggle with mental health disorders. Veterans can reside in transitional housing for up to two years.

While in residence, veterans receive employment and training programs, legal assistance, and onsite clinical services as needed.

Case Management

With the assistance of a case manager, veterans in their care develop important and necessary skills to live independently. The case manager is the initial point of contact upon a veteran’s arrival. They will conduct an initial assessment of the veteran’s needs and then help develop a plan.

Each plan depends on the needs of the Veteran, but all of them covers similar areas, such as:

  • Housing needs
  • Employment
  • Substance abuse
  • Mental health
  • Medical care
  • Finances
  • Education

The case manager will regularly meet with the veteran to assess any progress made.

Mental Health

The veteran community has endured tremendous trials and stress during their service. It is not uncommon for veterans to struggle with things like depression, PTSD, and traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

Nation’s Finest offers individual and group counseling sessions with licensed therapists at their residential facilities. The clinical approach to mental health care ensures each individual receives the care they need to succeed.

Employment Services

Through partnerships with temp agencies, Nation’s Finest is able to place veterans into jobs that are suited to their goals and qualifications. They then conduct follow-ups with the local employers to ensure the veterans have transitioned successfully.

The case managers are also involved in the employment process, as they assess the issues that may hinder successful employment. Through counseling and mentorship, the case manager seeks to land long-term jobs for veterans in need.

Permanent Housing

Through a subsidiary company, Veterans Housing Development Corporation, Nation’s Finest has more than 300 housing units specifically designed for veterans and their families. This unique approach to veteran support promotes independence and restores dignity for those in great need.

Mobile Service Units

Right now, Nation’s Finest only operates two Mobile Service Units, one in Redding, California and the other in Carson City, Nevada. These units provide services to veterans who live in rural areas, or those who have difficulty traveling to the actual service centers.

These mobile units are basically an office on wheels. They have certified counselors and case managers who can bring a variety of services to these rural veterans.

Behavioral Health

Nation’s Finest operates Behavioral Health Centers (BHCs) that offer a full range of drug and alcohol treatment services. They also have mental health counseling services. Overall, the goal of the BHCs is to provide the coping skills necessary for residents to live sober lives.

Contacting Nation’s Finest

The easiest way to contact them about their services is through one of the two methods:

Nation’s Finest is Headquartered in California at the following address if you’d prefer to write them:

            Nation’s Finest

            2455 Bennett Valley Rd., C105

            Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Furthermore, you can use the contact methods above to donate to Nation’s Finest. Veteran support is not cheap, so monetary gifts are always welcome. They also have a Donation Web Form if you’d prefer that approach.

Our veterans have selflessly served and protected us. I am happy to promote organizations like Nation’s Finest who are proactively helping my veteran family.