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Veteran-owned Distilleries and Breweries

veteran-owned distilleries breweries

Highlighting Distillery and Spirits Companies Owned by Veterans

Veterans are hardworking motivated individuals who often pursue their passion through entrepreneurship. Check out these veteran-owned breweries and Distilleries and consider supporting them. If you would like to support other veteran-owned businesses in your area, visit Veteranownedbusiness.com.

Shadow Ridge Spirits Company

Distillers in Oceanside, CA

The Company

Shadow Ridge Spirits Company was founded by Sean Hallman a navy veteran who served as a Navy-Surface Warfare Officer. Sean and his wife enjoy distilling together on the weekends to create unique flavors for their customers. They pride themselves on specializing in premium small-batch, hand-crafted spirits that allow them to experiment with new and unique recipes. They are located in Oceanside, CA.

Products Available

Founder and owner Sean Hallman describes his products with great detail – “Our whiskies are 100 percent grain to glass and are aged in American White Oak barrels. We currently offer Bourbon, Rye, Peated Single Malt, and an American Single Malt. All of our whiskies feature unique grain bills that include specialty grains and malted barley. They are aged in charred oak barrels, which enhance the grain flavors and help to develop vanilla, caramel, and cinnamon flavors. We primarily use 5 gallon, 10 gallon, and 15 gallons barrels.

Additionally, we offer both barrel-aged and silver rums which highlight the flavors and sweetness of high-grade sugars and molasses. We are in the R&D phase for Shadow Ridge Spirits Gin, which will provide a clean base-alcohol, allowing the hand-selected botanicals to shine.”

You can find their products at the Oceanside Distillers tasting room along with liquor stores and bars. They offer shipping within the state of California. Visit their website to check out their products and get access to promo codes they may be offering.

Deaf Shepherd Distilling Co.

Distillers in San Diego, CA

The Company

Deaf Shepherd Distilling Co. was established in January of 2019 by an active-duty Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, Josh Christy. There is nothing like a deployment that can change dreams into reality, Josh came up with the idea during a combat deployment in Afghanistan where he also found the inspiration for the company name in his now rescued war dog, Satchel, a deaf shepherd mix. Currently, the owner and distiller are located in San Diego, CA. Josh creates his brews himself when he is not training or deployed. He enjoys making original batches that are always unique.

Products Available

Products available for purchase are spiced rum, barrel-aged rum, and barrel rested gin. In June 2021 Josh will release the first barrel of bourbon consisting of high rye whiskey, 100% rye whiskey, high rye bourbon. In late summer an American single malt whiskey will be available.

Josh is a true craft distiller who describes his batches as being “distilled with love, barreled with pride, and consumed with enthusiasm.”. Visit the Deaf Shepherd Distilling Co. Facebook page for more information.


Supply Chain and Logistics

The Company

MilServ is a veteran-owned and operated supply chain and logistics company. They provide craft alcohol to retailers, distributors, and directly to customers. Perhaps the most important aspect of the company is their strong commitment to supporting other veteran-owned businesses and creating jobs for veterans.

Always Serving Veterans

Milserv is an established Benefit Corporation which means the business as a core is dedicated to serving a purpose within the community and caring about their impact on society and the environment. They continue to make a difference in the lives of other veterans and their families by giving back 20% of their profits to the veteran community.

Milserv doesn’t stop there they also offer brewers and distributors they work with a 10% veteran discount. To learn more visit their website.

As if you needed an excuse to drink beer, why not drink and support your fellow service members? From the east to the west coast, here’s a list of veteran-owned breweries that you need to know about (and visit).

Backward Flag Brewing Co.

Created by Army veteran in Forked River, N.J.

Ono Brewing Company

Created by an Army veteran in Chantilly, VA.

Red Leg Brewing Co

Veteran-owned brewery in Colorado Springs, CO.

Honor Brewing Company

Veteran-owned brewery in Chantilly, VA.

Veterans United Craft Brewery

Started by a Navy veteran in Jacksonville, FL,

Railhouse Brewery

Owned by a group of Army, Navy and Air Force veterans in Aberdeen, N.C.

Full Tilt Brewery

Co-created by a Navy veteran in Baltimore, MD.  A portion of the proceeds from their Memorial Pils goes to Military Family Relief Fund to honor the memory of fallen service members and to comfort their families.

Service Brewing Company

Created by a West Point graduate in Savannah, GA.

Talea Brewing Company

Co-created by a U.S. Naval Academy graduate.

Dog Tag Brewing Foundation

Created by a Marine Corps veteran.  When you drink beer from Dog Tag, you’re also supporting Gold Star Families.  See more about their foundation here.





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