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Naval Air Station Lemoore Guide

NAS Lemoore, located in California’s coveted Central Valley, is home to almost 30,000 people. Nearest to Hanford, with small-town charm, it also has equitable access to major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. It is also less than an hour from Fresno. NAS Lemoore has ample development and recreational opportunities for military service members, civilians, their families, retirees, and students while serving as a premier training center for flight squadrons.

NAS Lemoore Base History

In the mid-1950s, the Navy was looking for a site that could support the space and resources needed for open airspace and an air station with weather that would support the day-to-day flying needs of the mission. Central California had such a place.

So in 1961, Naval Air Space Lemoore was founded to provide the capabilities needed for the Navy’s Pacific Fleet. The master jet base has parallel runways and hangars that continue to bring in new aircraft developments, including the F Super Hornet.

Currently, the jet base located at NAS Lemoore ensures the Strike Fighter Wing Pacific Squadrons can continue their operations with full confidence in the capabilities of the infrastructure and securities of the base.

NAS Lemoore Surrounding Area

With easy access to some of the most-frequented sites in California, has a natural setting as well as urban reach.

Not far from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the popular beaches along the Pacific coast, NAS Lemoore’s spot in the Central Valley is surrounded by agriculture and recreation. A few of the favorite local sites include:

  • Sarah Mooney Museum
  • Circle T Ranch
  • Prancing Pony Farm
  • Lemoore Labyrinth

For those who are looking for more adventure, day trips and tours can be arranged to explore Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park, among others.

NAS Lemoore Mission and Units

Providing service, support, and exemplary facilities, NAS Lemoore serves a multitude of fleet carrier squadrons. The Pacific Fleet’s fighter squadrons work primarily from this location for its facilities and clear weather, primed for flying, fight and flight training.

  • Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit Lemoore
  • Command Strike Fighter Wing-Pacific
  • Commander Carrier Air Wing 11, 17, 2, 9
  • Fleet Readiness Center West
  • Naval Air Technical Data & Engineering Center
  • Strike Fighter Squadrons 113, 122, 125, 136, 137, 14, 146, 147, 154, 151, 92, 2, 25, 41, 86, 94, 97
  • Strike Fighter Weapons School Pacific

NAS Lemoore In-Processing and Check-In

All arriving service members must go through proper check-in procedures. First, they must present themselves in person at Building 880 on Enterprise and Franklin Avenue during regular business hours, Monday to Friday.

After-hours check-in will be conducted at the Navy Gateway Inn. Required documents for check-in include, but may not be limited to:

  • Stamped orders
  • Identification for each family member
  • Vehicle documentation
  • Financial information
  • Housing information
  • Legal documents
  • School or employment records
  • Phones and chargers

Make sure to bring essential supplies with you to check in, as you may not have immediate access to some items.

NAS Lemoore Child Care

The Child Development Center serving NAS Lemoore has a large capacity for dependents of service members.

Starting at six weeks of age and up to school age, hourly and drop-off care options help families continue to serve by offering accredited childhood programs, meals and snacks for over 300 children. Full-time care does require advance arrangements through www.militarychildcare.com.

NAS Lemoore Housing

Housing options at NAS Lemoore include on-base family housing, unaccompanied housing and geographical bachelor (with dependents but dependents will not be present for housing).

To secure on-base housing, check in at Navy HSC, 800 Bon Homme Richard Rd. The HSC and Liberty Military Housing, a private company providing housing options to service members, will help secure the appropriate housing options for service members and their families.

Facilities currently offer over 1,600 housing units, which are rarely vacant, so it is suggested to check in quickly to be placed on a waiting list, and inquire as soon as possible with a completed application and orders in hand. Housing includes community amenities, pools, fencing, and an attentive property management team.

Unaccompanied Housing can sustain over 2,400 service members with convenient features based on the location, parking options, laundry facilities, and recreational activities. Geographic Bachelors who are not bringing along their dependents will not normally live in the unaccompanied housing and should inquire as soon as possible for the most appropriate housing options.

Service members may bring up to two pets. However, some dog breeds are prohibited, including Doberman Pinschers and Pit Bulls or mixed pets including these breeds. All pets must be microchipped, registered with Kings County, registered with base housing, and spayed or neutered. They must also be up-to-date on their rabies and other relevant vaccinations.

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NAS Lemoore Commissary

The commissary at NAS Lemoore is open during regular business hours, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day except for Monday. The commissary offers fresh produce, ample supplies, and even specialized meat box orders. Check-in regularly for deals and specials to find products that enhance a healthy life on base.

Bldg 795 Reeves Blvd, Naval Air Station
Lemoore, CA 93246
(559) 998-4669

NAS Lemoore PCS and TDY Lodging

Families and dependents must be considered when arranging for temporary lodging at NAS Lemoore. Single arrivals will be sent to the Bachelors Enlisted Quarters.

Families will arrange ten days of temporary lodging at the Naval Lodge/Navy Inn. There are many regulations regarding pets. Most will need to be kenneled until proper arrangements can be made. If arriving with family or pets, reach out to housing for details ahead of time.

NAS Lemoore Transportation

Most arriving service members will choose to fly into Fresno International Airport. This airport, however, does not provide shuttles.

Taxis and rideshare services are limited and can be expensive. Keep receipts for using these services to check if they are reimbursable. It is important to note that some taxis will not be allowed past the main gate due to security.

For those driving in, drive south from Fresno. From Interstate 5, use either Highway 99 or 198 west to arrive at the main gate with your ID and other relevant documentation ready, including vehicle registration and insurance documentation.

Please register your vehicle with the Pass and ID Office within 30 days of arrival. The office is open Monday through Friday until 4:00 p.m.

Vehicle Registration And Driver’s License

To drive on base, all local and state safety laws must be obeyed, including seatbelts for all passengers, young children in rear-facing car seats and older children in booster seats.

Hands-free device use is strongly suggested. Motorcycle drivers should wear safety equipment, including helmets.

Vehicles must be registered in California and operated by California-licensed drivers. Military service members may be eligible for a discounted military rate on registrations. In addition, if your license is from another state, you must apply for California licensing within ten days or provide documentation for exceptions and exemptions.

Minimum liability insurance is also required, as well as passing a smog certification to be clear to drive. All vehicles driven on base must be registered upon arrival.

NAS Lemoore Schools

Most students at NAS Lemoore can attend public schools, including Lemoore High School, Hanford West or Sierra Pacific Schools. Charter options are available as well from Kindergarten through 12th grade at Island Elementary and Pioneer Elementary K through 8th grade campuses.

Charter students in middle school attend University Charter before Lemoore Middle College High to finish their academic careers. Waiting lists for charter schools can be exceptionally long. Therefore, getting on the waiting list as soon as possible for a spot is best.

Online public school options are also offered through the public school districts in Kings, Tulare, and Fresno Counties. Area private schools include Mary Immaculate Queen School and Kings Christian School.

California allows for various homeschool options, including those with independent study options and private home-based schools. Military homeschool students can attend Physical Education weekly at the NAS Lemoore Child and Youth Program. Contact your School Liaison Officer for more details and registration information.

NAS Lemoore Colleges and Universities

The Navy College Program serves sailors motivated to continue their education through in-person and virtual programs. Sailors are eligible for programs at the Navy College Virtual Education Center or through the following local higher education institutions:

  • West Hills Community College
  • Brandman University
  • Columbia College

For adult classes that include GED and ESL classes and other skills that qualify learners to move up in their professional lives and communities, the following schools can be utilized:

  • The Lemoore Adult School
  • The Hanford Adult School
  • West Hills College Lemoore

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NAS Lemoore Contacts

Installation Address
700 Avenger Ave
Lemoore, CA 93245
(559) 998-0100

  • Adult Education Center (877) 838-1659
  • Barracks/Single Member Service Housing (559) 998-2947
  • Child Development Center (559) 998-4918
  • Civilian Personnel Office (559) 998-3823
  • Commissary (559) 998-4669
  • Family Advocacy Program (559) 998-2959
  • Housing Office (559) 998-4949
  • Military and Family Support Center (559) 998-4042
  • School Liaison (559) 998-2242
  • Temporary Lodging/Billeting (559) 998-5791
  • Welcome/Visitors Center (559) 998-4042
  • Youth Services (559) 998-4344

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