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Marine Corps Birthday: USMC Turns 246

Marine Corps Birthday

Happy Birthday, United States Marine Corps!

To all Marines, past and present, we celebrates your 246 years of service to America. You are the amphibious fist of American freedom, and we thank you for your loyalty and bravery.

The First Marines

The Second Continental Congress established the Continental Marines in 1775, just months before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Their mission was to secure and support the Continental Navy during operations in the Revolutionary War.

After the war, Congress disbanded the Continental Marines despite their gallant service against the British.

Warriors Reborn

On July 11, 1798, Congress established a Marine Corps, which would again operate within the Navy. From that day forward, Marines have served around the world with ferocious and unmatched loyalty.

It is this Loyalty for which Marines maintain their notoriety. Embodied within their motto, “Semper Fidelis” is Latin for “Always Faithful”, and it signifies a Marine’s dedication to their mission, their Corps, and their Country.

Marine Corps Birthday Celebrations Cancelled

In mid-October, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General David Berger, announced the cancellation of the annual Marine Corps Birthday Ball. This event normally takes place in Washington D.C. each year, and 2021 will be the second year it was cancelled.

Other celebrations across the country are also cancelled. This breaks a long-held tradition since November 10th, 1921, when the 13th Marine Corps Commandant, General John Legune, established the gatherings. 

Even so, Marines are highly resilient warriors, and the cancellations caused by the pandemic will not deter their esprit de corps. We stand with our Marines and celebrate their heroic heritage.

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The Businesses of Marine Corps Veterans

Marines have shaped history, both on and off the world’s battlefields. Check out some great Marines who formed some great businesses.

FedExFrederick W. Smith is the founder, chairman, and CEO of the FedEX Corporation. He served for four years in the U.S. Marine Corps, which included two tours of duty in Vietnam.

GoDaddyBob Parsons is a businessman and philanthropist who founded the web hosting company GoDaddy in 1997. He served as a Rifleman with Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 26th Marines during his 1969 tour of duty in Vietnam.

Task & PurposeZachary Ischol is a decorated Marine Officer who served two tours in Iraq and fought in the Second Battle of Fallujah. He is the founder of the digital media company, Task & Purpose.

VETtvDonny O’Malley, a Marine Infantry officer of six years, created VeteranTV (VETtv) after frustration during and after his deployment to Afghanistan. He started writing down stories about his experiences and shared them with friends. Not long after, O’Malley founded VETtv to turn those stories into skits that only Veterans could appreciate.

Famous BrandsDerek Sisson started Famous Brands, which is a niche brand development company. He is a Force Recon Marine veteran.

Stubble + ‘StacheNicholas Karnaze founded this company in 2012 to address issues faced by bearded men. Mr. Karnaze grew his beard out to honor the death of his good friend and fellow special operation Marine. It was this tribute that laid the foundation for Stubble.

Heroes VodkaTravis McVey founded his company in 2009 following the tragic loss of his friend who died fighting in Afghanistan. On Veterans Day, 11.11.11, Heroes Vodka bottled it’s first product. Mr. McVey is a Marine veteran who served on the Presidential Honor Guard from 1989-1992.

Glass Beach MugsTurk McCleskey co-founded his company which recreates durable, ceramic mugs used by Marines in Cuba in the early 20th century. He served as a Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves.

Famous Marines

Rose Franco

Rose Franco is a retired Warrant Officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. She was born in Puerto Rico in 1934 and was the first Hispanic woman to become a chief warrant officer in the Marines. In 1952, she left college and enlisted in the Marines shortly after the start of the Korean War.

After completing her four year enlistment, Franco returned home to Puerto Rico and worked for Pan American Airlines. In 1965, she was named the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Navy under President Lyndon B. Johnson’s administration. She continued to hold many important positions at the Pentagon during her career.

Drew Carey

Drew Carey is an actor, comedian, and game-show host who is well-known for shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway? and The Drew Carey Show. In 2007, he began hosting the iconic game-show, The Price Is Right, to replace the legendary Bob Barker.

Carey also cut his college career short and enlisted in the Marines in 1980, where he served for six years as a Field Radio Operator in Ohio’s 25th Marine Regiment. In July 2021, he was awarded the Lone Sailor Award given by the United States Navy Memorial Foundation.

Hot Veterans Day Discounts

With Veterans Day coming on the heels of the USMC birthday, it seems only fitting to throw in a few discounts and sales you should know about.

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  4. Mission BBQ – No list is complete without a discount on some good BBQ. But, to top any mere discount, Mission BBQ declared that “Veterans Eat FREE” this Veterans Day. With dozens of locations around the country, it’s hard to pass up free barbecue! 

Semper Fi, Marines!

In closing, the United States Marine Corps is one of the most recognizable symbols of America’s freedom. While small in number compared to its sister services, the Marine Corps will strike hard, anytime and anywhere it is called to serve.

Happy Birthday, Marines!





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