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Military Benefits Changes and Updates 2023

VA benefits online

How Do I Update My VA Benefits Online?

How do I Update my VA Benefits Online? Applying for VA benefits and updating your VA benefits online is the fastest way to get or update those benefits. Applicants have the option to apply in person or by mail, but these processes can take more time. Some aren’t comfortable using a computer to access or… Read more »

PCS moves

PCS Move Problems: What To Do When Your Household Goods Are Damaged

When you get permanent change of station (PCS) orders for a new assignment, you’ll have to begin preparing to pack and ship your household. The challenges of a PCS move include making sure some things aren’t packed and shipped (items you’ll travel with, your personal paperwork, passports, etc.) and making sure what is packed and… Read more »

Billion-Dollar PCS Reform For Military Household Goods Moves

PCS reform to the tune of more than $6 billion was approved after a four-year struggle to place all military permanent-change-of-station (PCS) household goods moves under a single contract. PCS moves require the military to use a contractor to pack, ship and deliver household goods for military members leaving one assignment for another whether stateside… Read more »

Do I Need A Veteran ID Card?

Am I Required to Carry a Veteran ID Card? When you retire or separate from the military, one of the requirements is that you either surrender or no longer use your active duty, Guard, or Reserve military ID card. Since a military ID is used to gain access to military bases and other facilities open… Read more »

VA mental health care

VA Offers Free Mental Health Crisis Care to Veterans

January 2023 marked an important milestone in the battle against veteran suicides. The Department of Veterans Affairs began offering free mental healthcare to qualifying veterans including non-VA healthcare facilities. According to the VA official site, a veteran in a suicidal crisis can report to any VA medical center or non-VA healthcare facility, “for free emergency… Read more »


Using A Flexible Spending Account With TRICARE

Can I Use a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) with TRICARE? Many military families want to know if they can contribute to a Flexible Spending Account or FSA while using TRICARE. Using an FSA is a way to offset the costs of certain healthcare expenses (see below) by making pre-tax contributions to an FSA fund. This… Read more »

disabled veterans

Enhanced Benefits for Disabled Veterans: The AUTO Act

The Department of Veterans Affairs has programs for disabled veterans that can help these vets offset the costs of special adaptation for motor vehicles. Thanks to bipartisan efforts to enhance these programs, legislation passed in early 2023 offers expanded access to VA funding for these vehicles and/or their adaptations. VA Special Adaptive Vehicle Grants: the… Read more »

Military Family Leave policy

Expanded Military Parental Leave Program

On January 4, 2023, the Department of Defense Military Parental Leave program was upgraded to allow up to more time on parental leave and expand the opportunities to take it. In the past DoD policy allowed a birth parent to take six weeks of convalescent leave. There was no provision for the “non-birthing parent” to… Read more »

TRICARE, FEDVIP Dental and Vision Rates 2023

TRICARE and FEDVIP dental and vision care rates are subject to change from year to year. Here are the dental and vision coverage costs and plans for 2023.

2023 Military Benefits Changes & Updates

Military benefits changes and updates for 2023 you need to know. Here are the BAS, BAH, COLA, and other rates subject to change each year.