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Remote Jobs Program For Military Spouses Is Back!

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Learn More About the MilSpouse Remote Telework Grant Program

Are you a military spouse working remotely for a small business? Or are you seeking a remote job? Are you a small business that has employees who are military spouses?

If so, this program by the MOAA Foundation, Microsoft, and Hiring Our Heroes, is for you.

The MilSpouse Remote Telework Grant Program is now back, after a pause during 2020. The program is for remote jobs for military spouses.  It’s goal is to help military spouses keep their employment during and after a PCS. 

Oftentimes, military spouses will have to give up a job they love when they PCS. The company they work for might not have the resources for them to work remotely, and this program can help with that. 

The program can take away some of the stress that falls on military spouses during a military move by offering them a workstation that is solely for remote working military spouses. To add to that, this program will also be able to help small businesses that employ military spouses. 

Who can apply for The MilSpouse Remote Telework Grant Program?

This program is open to active duty spouses that are currently employed full-time with a small business. They are also open to small businesses who are looking to retain these spouses on their staff but don’t have the resources or expertise to implement a remote work program or policy. 

It is important to note that this program is for those working CONUS only. 

What is included with the grant?

If you are approved for this grant, you would receive remote work templates, a Microsoft Surface Pro, a docking station with a keyboard and mouse, and antivirus/malware protection. 

The length of the program is one year, but after that year you won’t need to give back the equipment. 

What is required of the military spouse and small business during the one-year period?

  • Will need to show proof of military relationship.
  • Both parties will need to agree to the terms of the agreement. 
  • The grantor will be contacting both parties every three months for a progress report. Both parties will need to respond to surveys and provide progress reports as requested. 
  • The small business will be required to provide tech support.
  • Both parties will make sure that they have secure internet. 
  • Both parties will be responsible for ensuring that the devices that have been provided because of the grant will have antivirus/malware protection and that the software is being updated regularly. 

What happens if a military spouse quits their job or is terminated during the year?

If a military spouse leaves their job or is terminated, all equipment will need to be returned and any change of employment will need to be reported within 30 days. 

How do you apply?

You would need to fill out an application. You can do so here

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions about this program, head on over to the MOAA website or email, moaaspouse@moaa.org

If you are an active duty military spouse wanting to work remotely, talk to your small business about this program. It can be what is needed to allow you to keep your job across the miles.





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