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Spouses Reimbursed For Licensing & Certification Fees

military spouses reimbursed for licensing fees

The 2018 National Defense Authorization Act allows each service branch to reimburse spouses up to $1,000 for relicensure and certification costs resulting from relocations or PCS moves that cross U.S. state lines – to include OCONUS to stateside moves. 

Military Spouses Will Now Be Reimbursed For Licensing and Certification Fees Due to PCS

Marine Corps, Army, Coast Guard, Navy, and Air Force spouses are now able to apply for a reimbursement of up to $1,000 for the cost of licensing and certification in a new state after a PCS. This will make it much easier for military spouses when they do need to move to a new state because they are married to a service member.

This will apply to spouses of active duty as well as active reserve marines. The reimbursement is also retroactive back to December 12th, 2017. That means that spouses can be reimbursed for those fees from all the way back to that date.

These programs are a part of a pilot program that is authorized through December 22, 2022, with the passing of the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act.

Licensing and Certification Can Be A Burden in Certain Fields

Licensing and certification fees can be a burden on military spouses and military families. Spouses who work as teachers, nurses, accountants, dental hygienists, and in many other fields have to make sure they have a current state license before they can work in their new area.

Local and state-level requirements, as well as costs, can be very different depending on where you live. A spouse could work four years in one state, move to another and find a frustrating road in order to get licensed to be able to work in the new one. At least with this program, some or all of the financial burden can be lifted during this process.

In some cases, a spouse might have to move more often than every few years. This program applies to every move, not just the first one which will allow for those who move more often than others to still benefit from this program. 

How Do You Get the Reimbursement for This Program?

In order to get your reimbursement, your service member will need to request the reimbursement through their local Personnel Administration Office or Center. They will need a copy of their PCS orders, a copy of your old license or certification, a copy of your new certification or licensure, and a receipt showing your paid fees. You can also contact your Family Member Employment Assistance Program office and the Department of Labor’s Portal for more information about this exciting change for marine military spouses.



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