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Microsoft Military Discount

microsoft military discount

Microsoft Military Discount

Microsoft develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells computer electronics, personal computers, and related services. They are best known for their Microsoft Windows line. Read more about the Microsoft military discount.

What is the Microsoft Military Discount?

They offer a 10% military discount on select products.

The discount can’t be used on:

  • Digital games
  • Digital apps
  • In-app content and subscriptions
  • Movies
  • Tv shows
  • Office software

It is good at retail stores and online.

They also offer a discount on Microsoft 365.  You can read more about that here.

Who’s Eligible?

Active duty, former and retired military, and their families.

How Do You Get the Discount?

You would need to sign in to your Microsoft account to get started.

Can The Microsoft Military Discount Be Used Online?


About Microsoft

Microsoft was started by childhood friends, Bill Gates, and Paul Allen. They wanted to make a business utilizing their shared skills in computer programing.

Their first company was founded in 1972 and called Traf-O-Data.  Traf-O-Data sold a rudimentary computer to track and analyze automobile traffic data. Microsoft was officially established in 1975 in Albuquerque, NM.  Gates was the CEO.

In 1977, they established their first international office in Japan, and in 1979 they moved their headquarters to Bellevue, WA.

Over the years they added MS-DOS, which solidified their dominance, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, MSNBC, Windows XP, Windows Vista, the Xbox, and more.

They moved their headquarters to Redmond, WA in 1986 where they are today. You can find their products almost anywhere.  They have over 100 Microsoft retail stores in 31 US states, Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom.

For terms, please go here.  If you want to shop, go here.



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